Seladon im Augenmerk – Ausstellung

UZH Völkerkundemuseum Pelikanstrasse 40, Zürich

Seladon im Augenmerk. Jadegleiche Porzellane und ihre Meister in Longquan.

Raven Kwok – Exhibition

Museum of Digital Art Pfingstweidstr. 101, Zurich

Artist, animator and programmer, Raven Kwok researches aesthetics generated by algorithms and software processes. Inspired by the likes of Yugo Nakamura and Eric Jordan, he taught himself how to program in ActionScript and started to create Flash animations in his teens. In 2008, Raven was introduced to Processing, which would become his preferred tool to…

Longing for Nature: Reading Landscapes in Chinese Art – Exhibition

Museum Rietberg Gablerstrasse 15, Zurich

Mountains and streams, landscapes and the wonders of nature: for over a thousand years they have been at the heart of Chinese painting and continue to inspire artists to this day. The exhibition goes in search of messages hidden in the paintings and deciphers their multiple meanings. It provides insight into Chinese culture, philosophy, and…