The Hormones 女 Nü Wave from China

14. September 2019 @ 20:20
El Lokal
Gessner-Allee 11
8001 Zurich
女 Nü Wave from China

«If you find it necessary to pin-point their style, they’ll remind you of early Patti Smith, Riot Grrl, Bikini Kill, Le Tigre or Slater McKinney. LCD Soundsystem was an influence also, less so now and it’s not surprising that the only cover on their album is a PJ Harvey song.» Berthold Seliger, concert agent, author, El Lokal friend.

All girl Chinese indie-rock-punk group The Hormones, presents Ming Ming on bass and lyrics, Xiao Lijing on keyboards and guitar, Juan Juan on drums and lead vocalist Zhu Meng Die. They’re from the «green» city of Chengdu and the girls met at the Sichuan Conservatory in 2011, began to tour China extensively but facing considerable headwind to their artistic integrity.

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