Our Eurasian Future

4. April 2019 @ 18:30 – 20:30
Amboss Garage
Zollstrasse 80
8005 Zurich
Asia Society Switzerland

A Thought Experiment With Author Bruno Maçães

In his 2018 book «The Dawn of Eurasia», Bruno Maçães – a former minister in the Portuguese government turned author and contrarian thinker – argued that the border between Europe and Asia, which always had been blurry, would increasingly start to disappear. The Eurasian landmass would become so interconnected that the distinction between two separate spheres would no longer make sense. The EU, Russia and China would engage in what Maçaes calls «competitive integration» – not an all-out clash as Samuel Huntington envisioned, but also not a harmonization of systems as Francis Fukuyama predicted.

In this thought experiment, the Asia Society Switzerland takes the argument one step further and ask Bruno: How will our Eurasian Future look like? What are the centers of power in Eurasia, and how do they relate to each other? How does the progress of «competitive integration» work? Will there be a Eurasian Union? And what will be Switzerland’s position in this new landscape?

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