«Life on the Red Planet» – Reading by Science Fiction Author Hao Jingfang

18. June 2019 @ 18:30 – 20:00
Amboss Garage
Asia Society Switzerland
Life on the Red Planet

2190: it has been 40 years now since the Earth and its former colony on Mars have ended their war. The relations are tense still and life on the two planets differ significantly: overindulgence vs. order and safety, chaos and creativity vs. clinical precision, market vs. state-directed economy.

The young Chinese science fiction author Hao Jingfang has made it her specialty to create fictional landscapes from social and political differences. In her novel «Stray Skies» the systemic rivalry of two planets plays out along the journey of a young woman, heading back from Earth to her birth place Mars. And in her award-winning novelette «Folding Beijing» a waste processing worker climbs the literal social ladders and tunnels of the future city split in three to deliver a message.

Hao will read short passages from «Stray Skies» and talk with German literature professor Philipp Theisohn about science fiction, its role in today’s China, and her professional background in physics and economics.


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