Fintech in Asia: From Micro-Lending to High Finance

15. October 2018 @ 18:30 – 20:30
Bogen D
Viaduktstrasse 93
8005 Zürich
Asia Society Switzerland

A Conversation With Melissa Guzy

Fintech is changing and redesigning financial markets and our everyday monetary behaviour – and nowhere more so than in Asia, where the lack of financial infrastructure provides a fertile ground for new innovations. Over 50 percent of the global Fintech funding is attracted by the Asia-Pacific.

However, differences in financial inclusion are huge: The large stock exchange hubs in Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong need more sophisticated technical solutions than the unbanked rural populations from India to Indonesia.

How does the financial industry cope with this discrepancy? What are the future trends in the Asian Fintech sector? And what role do women play in the male-dominated financial industry? Melissa Guzy, Managing Partner of Hong Kong-based Arbor Ventures, will share her knowledge capital about the Asian Fintech scene.

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