“Designed and engineered in Zürich” vs. “Made in China” – Grill & Beer plus E-bike Tests

25. May 2018 @ 16:00 – 19:30
EGO Movement
Lagerstrasse 100
8004 Zürich
Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce

EGO Movement has managed its supply chain in Asia well to produce high-quality “Designed and engineered in Zürich” E-mobility products that fit urbanites on the lookout for a stylish and sustainable mode of transport at a competitive price.

Following a presentation about the experiences of EGO Movement’s founders in China and the relevance for other Swiss producers, the EGO Movement’s e-bikes are at your disposal for test rides. An outdoor bar and grill then serve local sausages and beer specialities, allowing you to finish the month of May on a high note, among friends from the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

“Made in China” became synonymous with mass-produced, cheaply made goods in the 1980s. “Made in Italy” has long been signifying craft and luxury. Of course, the truth is that you can find both well- and poorly made items under both labels. What matters more than the origin is the design and engineering, the production and quality control process. Over the past few decades, another slogan emerged: “Designed in California” by Apple. With most of their parts sourced in Asia and assembled with top quality in China, companies do not have to re-invent the wheel but capitalize on their comparative advantage and efficiently manage their supply chain.

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