«Das Musikalische in der chinesischen Malerei» – Lecture

13. April 2018 @ 18:30 – 20:00
Confucius Institute at the University of Basel, Seminarraum Shanghai
Steinengraben 22
4051 Basel
Confucius Institute at the University of Basel

In ancient times, the six arts (六藝), rites 禮, music 樂, archery 射, chariots 御 and writing 書, formed the basis for the formation of the elite in the ancient Confucian culture. Since music has been given a central role in the cultivation practice of the aristocracy, it is not surprising that a large number of images have been handed down to us, in whose portrayal music is the leitmotif: musical writers in a grove, ladies of the court playing instruments in a garden or a hermit in the wasteland immersed in his zither are common motifs of traditional Chinese painting. However, the focus of this lecture lies in the inner structure of the traditional composition, which gradually unfolds like a piece of music: This quality is described here as the musicality of traditional painting. By closely examining and analysing selected works of art, the participants will become more sensitive to this aspect of traditional Chinese painting.


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