“Das Geschäft mit Blut” – Talk

31. August 2019 @ 16:00 – 17:00
Altstadt Bern
Reportagen Festival Bern

Kathleen McLaughlin is dependent on regular blood transfusions due to chronic disease. She smuggles American blood plasma to China for years on her travels. The result is a research on the global blood trade that spans an arc from the 1990s, when tens of thousands died due to the high number of HIV infections and the government-sponsored plasma trade in China, to the USA of today, where “pay-for-plasma” centres profit from the blood of others.

Kathleen McLaughlin works as Asia correspondent for Science, the Economist and the Washington Post and writes for the Guardian about the American West. Prior to that, she worked as a China correspondent for several years.

Regula Freuler is an editor in the Knowledge Department of the NZZ am Sonntag. Before that, she was a cultural editor for various media for many years. She studied in Bern, Berlin and Zurich.

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