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«Life on the Red Planet» – Reading by Science Fiction Author Hao Jingfang @ Amboss Garage
Jun 18 @ 18:30 – 20:00
Life on the Red Planet

2190: it has been 40 years now since the Earth and its former colony on Mars have ended their war. The relations are tense still and life on the two planets differ significantly: overindulgence vs. order and safety, chaos and creativity vs. clinical precision, market vs. state-directed economy.

The young Chinese science fiction author Hao Jingfang has made it her specialty to create fictional landscapes from social and political differences. In her novel «Stray Skies» the systemic rivalry of two planets plays out along the journey of a young woman, heading back from Earth to her birth place Mars. And in her award-winning novelette «Folding Beijing» a waste processing worker climbs the literal social ladders and tunnels of the future city split in three to deliver a message.

Hao will read short passages from «Stray Skies» and talk with German literature professor Philipp Theisohn about science fiction, its role in today’s China, and her professional background in physics and economics.


Reading and Presentation with Jimmy Liao @ Sphères
Jun 18 @ 19:00
Reading with Jimmy Liao

The Taiwanese artist Jimmy Liao is one of the world’s most important and influential illustrators; he has established a new trend that has spread throughout East Asia: Illustrated books for an adult audience.




More information:

Swiss China Update 2019 @ FHNW Campus Olten
Jun 19 @ 17:00 – 20:00

Innovation Partner Switzerland-China: Reality or Illusion?

The Swiss China Update 2019 examines the question of whether Switzerland, as innovation world leader, can benefit from the cooperation with China.

As a participant, you will receive current updates, practice-related insights from experts and the opportunity for exchange. The event is a knowledge and networking event for all those interested in China and aims to contribute to the development of a genuine win-win partnership between China and Switzerland.

Paysages Partagés 景 观 共 享 – Art Talk & Exhibition @ Atelier Luo Mingjun
Jun 22 @ 15:00 – 17:00
Paysages Partagés 景 观 共 享

Luo Mingjun lives in Switzerland for 31 years. She is an artist who commutes between two different cultures. Previously, she obtained a complete academic education in Hunan province in China. In the early 1980s, when 85 New Wave has risen in China, young artists adopted the method of western contemporary art and applied “readymade products” to their works. Take a pioneering attitude, subvert or criticise the concepts of obsolete art. When she moved to Switzerland in 1987, during living and working in a foreign country, the inner conflict and anxiety of self-identity in the two different cultures became big subjects that the artist had to think about. Facing the transformation of ideology and cultural identity caused by two opposing cultural environments, she created an intermediate zone for her own dialogue and communication, a “Third Space”, or a “No Man’s Land” and got attention. Luo Mingjun will present the process and experience of her creation through the interpretation of some of her works in the lecture.

15:00h Presentations & Discussion
17:00h Apéro  riche

Registration: (Mrs. Chen Ling)

Other opening Hours in Atelier Luo Mingjun during the Project
Paysages Partagés :
June 20/21/26/27/28 2019, from14:00 to18:00
Finnissage: June 29, 11:00 – 13:00
Admission free


Asiatische Gäste – Fluch oder Segen? – Referat @ Herrenhaus Grafenort
Jun 24 @ 19:30

Die Zahl der asiatischen Gäste hat in der Zentralschweiz und insbesondere in Luzern in den letzten Jahren stark zugenommen. Das generiert eine beachtliche Wertschöpfung und zusätzliche Arbeitsplätze. Gleichzeitig führen das starke Wachstum sowie die zeitliche und räumliche Konzentration der Besucherströme zu Kapazitäts- und Akzeptanzproblemen. Wie ist diese Entwicklung zu beurteilen und welche Möglichkeiten und Grenzen gibt es in Bezug auf die Lenkung der Besucherströme und die Entwicklung des Tourismus? Mit Prof. Dr. Jürg Stettler der Hochschule Luzern und Mitglied der Gesellschaft Schweiz-China.

Der Veranstaltungsort, das wunderschöne barocke Herrenhaus Grafenort, gehört zum Benediktinerkloster Engelberg. Es wäre eine durchaus gute Idee, den Besuch des Vortrags mit einer Besichtigung des Klosters zu verbinden. Falls Nachfrage besteht, könnte eine Führung organisiert werden.

Global Parenting in Taiwan – Lecture @ RAA G-15, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies
Jul 15 @ 18:00 – 19:30

Pei-Chia Lan is Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Director of Global Asia Research Center, and Associate Dean of the College of Social Sciences at National Taiwan University. She was a postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley, a Fulbright scholar at New York University, and a Yenching-Radcliffe fellow at Harvard University. Her major publications include Global Cinderellas: Migrant Domestics and Newly Rich Employers in Taiwan (Duke 2006, ASA Sex and Gender Book Award and ICAS Book Prize) and Raising Global Families: Parenting, Immigration, and Class in Taiwan and the US (Stanford 2018):

In my new book Raising Global Families: Parenting, Immigration, and Class in Taiwan and the US (Stanford 2018), I use parenting as an empirical lens to examine cultural transformation and persisting inequality in the contexts of globalization and immigration. This talk focuses on the distinct strategies of “global parenting” among Taiwanese families across the socioeconomic spectrum. Professional middle-class parents employ divergent educational strategies to pursue cosmopolitan parenting: some arrange international school and bilingual programs to prepare their children for the imminent future of global competition, while some others choose Western-influenced alternative curriculums to escape the tradition of rote learning and academic pressure. Globalization touches the lives of working-class families in very different ways. Taiwanese men, who suffer from rising economic insecurity due to capital outflow and labor inflow, seek wives from China and Southeast Asia. These immigrant mothers’ cultural heritage and transnational connections are hardly recognized as valuable assets until the government encourages investment to Southeast Asia in the recent “New Southbound Policy.”

China heute: Einblicke in die innovativste Handelswelt @ 69. Internationale Handelstagung GDI @ GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
Sep 5 @ 10:00 – 12:00

Jeongwen Chiang, Professor of Marketing at the renowned China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), talks on 5 September at the GDI about the development of trade in China.

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