Das Grosse Chinesische Neujahrskonzert @ KKL Luzern
Jan 26 @ 19:30 – 21:45
Das Grosse Chinesische Neujahrskonzert @ KKL Luzern | Luzern | Luzern | Switzerland
The Suzhou Chinese Orchestra welcomes you to the Year of the Pig with the “Great Chinese New Year’s Concert”. Year after year the orchestra brings traditional Chinese music to the stages of the world. In the concert moderation, the peculiarities of the traditional instruments such as Erhu or Pipa are presented and the background of the orchestral pieces and the sung texts are explained.
After annual concert tours since 1998, the Great Chinese New Year’s Concert has not only developed an exemplary musical tradition but has also contributed to the recognition of Chinese music as an essential part of the global music heritage. The Great Chinese New Year’s Concert is now one of the most successful concert formats worldwide. Every year at the time of the Chinese Spring Festival, renowned Chinese orchestras present samples of the rich local music tradition to a cosmopolitan audience.
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