Paysages Partagés 景 观 共 享 – Art Talk & Exhibition @ Atelier Luo Mingjun
Jun 22 @ 15:00 – 17:00
Paysages Partagés 景 观 共 享

Luo Mingjun lives in Switzerland for 31 years. She is an artist who commutes between two different cultures. Previously, she obtained a complete academic education in Hunan province in China. In the early 1980s, when 85 New Wave has risen in China, young artists adopted the method of western contemporary art and applied “readymade products” to their works. Take a pioneering attitude, subvert or criticise the concepts of obsolete art. When she moved to Switzerland in 1987, during living and working in a foreign country, the inner conflict and anxiety of self-identity in the two different cultures became big subjects that the artist had to think about. Facing the transformation of ideology and cultural identity caused by two opposing cultural environments, she created an intermediate zone for her own dialogue and communication, a “Third Space”, or a “No Man’s Land” and got attention. Luo Mingjun will present the process and experience of her creation through the interpretation of some of her works in the lecture.

15:00h Presentations & Discussion
17:00h Apéro  riche

Registration: (Mrs. Chen Ling)

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