Casper Selg Talks with Peter Achten @ Ackermannshof Basel
May 27 @ 18:15 – 21:15

China is becoming the second big player – Economically and militarily. This country, with its 1.4 billion inhabitants, is still led by a communist party, domestically repressive, an economic giant, technologically on a race to catch up, foreign-policy very expansive, active on all continents. How is China developing, what do we have to expect from there? Casper Selg talks to the journalist Peter Achten, who has been following China’s development for three decades.


«Belt & Road» – Start einer neuen Weltordnung? Wie die neue Seidenstrasse unsere Welt verändert @ Parterre Rialto
Jun 6 @ 18:30 – 20:00

What does “Belt & Road” really mean for China? What dimensions and significance could B&R have for the whole of Asia in the next 20-30 years? What challenges are associated with this – what role can and would Europe (and Switzerland) play in this development?

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