Jackie Chan Theatre – Show «11 Warriors» @ Theater 11
May 28 @ 20:00

“From its primeval origins to its refined precision and technical mastery, “11 Warriors” takes the audience on a journey through both the physical and spiritual development of a Kung Fu master. Informed by ancient Chinese philosophy, art and aesthetics, the program demonstrates Kung Fu’s connection to the underlying tenets of Chinese culture,” explains the dance program.


SCCC Legal Chapter 2019 Forum @ Niederer Kraft Frey Ltd
Jun 12 @ 13:45 – 18:30

Against the backdrop of increased Chinese investment in Switzerland and the continuing interest in trading with and investing in China, the SCCC Legal Chapter offers a two-way bridge-building function as a centre of competence and exchange of Swiss and Chinese legal issues and developments.

The SCCC Legal Chapter will tackle topical issues from both, the Swiss and the Chinese side at its Forum 2019. The Forum is well suited for lawyers, in-house-legal counsels, but also for those who are otherwise involved or interested in cross-border legal issues between China and Switzerland.

Swiss Chinese Association: General Assembly @ Néstle S.A.
Jun 15 @ 10:45

This year’s Annual General Assembly of the Swiss-Chinese Association will take place in Vevey on Saturday, June 15. They are guests at the Nestlé SA headquarters building.
The meeting will begin at 10:45 am. From around 13.00, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas between the members of the GSC at the Apéro Riche – with a view of Lac Léman.
From 16.00 to around 17.30, Marc-Henry Leyvraz awaits you in Lavaux, in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, at his vineyard in Rivaz.


«Life on the Red Planet» – Reading by Science Fiction Author Hao Jingfang @ Amboss Garage
Jun 18 @ 18:30 – 20:00
Life on the Red Planet

2190: it has been 40 years now since the Earth and its former colony on Mars have ended their war. The relations are tense still and life on the two planets differ significantly: overindulgence vs. order and safety, chaos and creativity vs. clinical precision, market vs. state-directed economy.

The young Chinese science fiction author Hao Jingfang has made it her specialty to create fictional landscapes from social and political differences. In her novel «Stray Skies» the systemic rivalry of two planets plays out along the journey of a young woman, heading back from Earth to her birth place Mars. And in her award-winning novelette «Folding Beijing» a waste processing worker climbs the literal social ladders and tunnels of the future city split in three to deliver a message.

Hao will read short passages from «Stray Skies» and talk with German literature professor Philipp Theisohn about science fiction, its role in today’s China, and her professional background in physics and economics.