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The Winners 大赢家 (2020) – Movie Tip

#StayHome and watch movies. For example the comedy “The Winners 大赢家”.

A drill cooperated between the police and a local bank, was in the plan. Yan Jin, a bank clerk, was appointed to play the robber in this drill. Literally like his name, Jin was known to be a very rigorous person, who was not so popular at work because of it. He never treated anything lightly. In order to play the robber, he was scouting the surroundings, designing detailed robbery plans and scenarios, as well as going through physical training. However, except for him, nobody else in the bank or even the police took the drill seriously. At the day of the drill, things turned into a different direction as the rest imagined. Thanks to his detailed scenario planning, Jin proved to be quite a tough robber for the police. Will the police eventually catch him? Who will be the winner of this drill?

The absurd events were plotted in throughout the drill, making it a fairly decent comedy with 6.8 Douban rating (Chinese IMDB). Behind the humour, the movie is also a debate about whether rigour is a vice or virtue. Especially in such a fast-paced society, should we still take each task, job, or anything seriously? Should the rigorous person be punished or awarded? Movies in mainland China are usually required to obtain a positive tone. At the end of the movie, not surprisingly, Jin was being awarded for being rigorous, despite most considered him being stupid at the beginning. However, is it always the case in reality?

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