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Discover your “Ming River” at the Angels’ Share Cocktail Bar in Basel

“Angels’ Share cocktail bar” is an award-winning cocktail bar that creates a new menu with 10 very imaginative signature drinks every month. One of their specialities is “Ming River”, which is a very good Baijiu that was developed for bars in America and Europe, and you will never find a better place or a better price in Switzerland than at “Angels’ Share Cocktail bar.”

The bar is also very innovative, and well connected to the bar scene in German-speaking Europe, so you will always find wonderful surprises there. “Ming River” shows how wide the range of flavours are, in the strong aromas of Baijiu, which are wonderfully balanced, and you always discover new layers of taste, with every sip.

It is incredibly exciting to discover in how many variations Baijiu can be used, once you have become familiar with it. The bar has many guests ordering cocktails with “Ming River” and then discovering that it is a Baijiu, and they find that really cool. Batáijiǔ is a clear liquid usually distilled from fermented sorghum, although other grains may be used. But the Chinese styles is to use rice. Baijiu’s popularity in China makes it the world’s most consumed spirit, but outside of China, it is not well known……..except at Angels’ Share cocktail bar in Basel.

The word Angels’ Share comes from the wooden barrels in which whisky is aged, but due to the porous barrels, some of the liquor inside would evaporate during the critical ageing process, which results in a loss of about 2% of the total volume per year. And because the liquid would disappear “into the heavens” it was called the “Angels’ Share.”

Angels’ Share Cocktailbar
Feldbergstrasse 51
4057 Basel
Tel: 079 609 31 07