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China for Beginners: Taking the Guangzhou Metro III

Another pleasant surprise

As discussed in part 1 and part 2 of this series, I have decided to leave the comfort zone of taxis and travel almost exclusively on the Guangzhou metro.  On the last day of my Canton Fair Guangzhou trip, I was packed with suitcase and goodies from the fair when I rode the metro one last time (for this visit at least) to go back to the Guangzhou South Railway Station.  I still had my Canton Fair badge around my neck when I found myself standing next to a Chinese guy who obviously just had left the fair as well, judging by his badge. He started a conversation with me. I suspected he wanted to practice his English. After a short conversation we exchanged the customary business cards.

The Guangzhou metro: can be a place for romantic encounters, too!

Lee was here to represent his company and was now travelling to Shenzhen for some more business. We chatted pleasantly all the way to the train station, and during that conversation, it slowly dawned on me that he was actually trying to pick me up. I was somewhat speechless since he was younger, but after paying me compliment after compliment, it became obvious. I had to smile as this was quite enjoyable and Lee was very charming about it. At the South Railway Station he helped me find my way and then we parted ways. Only for my mobile to ping not two seconds later. We continued our flirt over WeChat all the way to Hong Kong (for me) and Shenzhen (for him). He definitely sweetened my train ride. And left me wondering what would have happened if we met a day earlier.