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What does Home mean to you? – Successful movie release of “Plötzlich Heimweh”

” Plötzlich Heimweh” by Yu Hao living in Eastern Switzerland becomes a success at the box office. Just one week after its premiere, it is foreseeable that it will become one of the most popular Swiss documentaries of the year.

About the film

Without speaking a word of German, the Chinese journalist Yu Hao moves to Appenzellerland. She discovers the new surroundings full of curiosity and empathy for over 12 years through the camera, which she always carries with her. The result is wonderful shots of landscapes, encounters and customs. “Plötzlich Heimweh” tells Yu Hao’s unusual migration story openly and honestly, which is also a story of love and family. Her alert, sensitive view of the here and there is just as touching and enriching for the audience as it was for the filmmaker.


“Plötzlich Heimweh” is already running this week in almost 20 cinemas throughout German-speaking Switzerland. All screenings are listed below:

what does home mean to you?

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