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Zurich in Chinese TV Dramas

Europe always ranks high on the list, when it comes to filming overseas for Chinese movie, TV dramas and reality TV shows. Paris is undoubtedly the most featured city, followed by London and Milan.

Zurich has also made its debut twice on the small screen in China in 2016: “Remembering Lichuan” 《遇见王沥川》and “The interpreter” 《亲爱的翻译官》.

Remembering Lichuan 《遇见王沥川》

It is a sad love story across Shanghai, Zurich and Kunming. Lichuan was a Chinese Swiss architect from Zurich. When he was young, he lost one of his legs due to bone cancer. Xiaoqiu was a college student from a humble family in Kunming. They met in Shanghai and quickly fell in love.

One day, a doctor diagnoses of cancer relapses broke the peaceful romance. After a long struggle, Lichuan decided to disappear from Xiaoqiu’s life, without telling her his illness. While he was fighting against cancer, she was heart-broken.

Four years later, they coincidentally ran into each other. Despite the strong feelings, Lichuan still believed the only way to protect Xiaoqiu from getting hurt by losing him eventually was to distance her. After getting to know about his illness, she insisted on staying with him and taking care of him. After long struggles between the couple, she finally understood his wish for her and let him go…

So where is Zurich in this TV series? At one episode, Xiaoqiu chased Lichuan to Zurich after he disappeared the second time. Despite his poor health condition, he spent a full day with her in Zurich, just like Xiaoqiu showed him around in her hometown Kunming when they first fell in love.

The Interpreter 《亲爱的翻译官》

The love story started at the University of Zurich. Fei, a university student majoring in French, came to Zurich for an exchange. Jiayang, a professional French interpreter, was teaching at the same interpretation institute where Fei was pursuing her master degree.

Like most romance cliché, their love story started off the wrong foot, making them dislike each other intensively. Over time, they developed feelings for each other.

On the love journey, there were always full of thorns and roses. Jiayang’s mother was strongly against their relationship. Fei’s ex-boyfriend came back, causing more misunderstanding between them. After a long separation, they met again and finally realized that they belong to each other.

Because of the popularity of the series, the leading actor – Xuan HUANG was appointed by Swiss Tourism as the very first Chinese Image Ambassador for Switzerland.

Source: Sina Weibo -Xuan Huang Movie Fan’s club