How do we keep memories of our past alive for ourselves? And how do we keep the memories of the cloth and patterns of our traditional clothing close to us? These are the questions that the fashion brand “Framiore” has asked themselves.

Framiore has created a label called “Spell my name” to preserve the memory of disappearing cultures from around the world, by translation their traditional clothes into modern fashion. This year their collection is focused on the endangered Uyghur people in China. The concept is to bring awareness of the dying culture of Uyghurs to our high streets, and into our awareness through the medium of fashion which becomes a voice for cultures who can no longer speak out.

Uyghurs woman in traditional dress

Sometimes we might ask ourselves “where does fashion come from? And the answer is that it comes from you and me! Almost all fashion, whether it is seen in Haute couturier collections, Fashion Week, or the rails for “this -week’s-new-clothes” at Zara, all start on the street. The cycle goes like this: A Blogger sees you wearing an amazing jacket (your sister made it from some fabric she found in the Brocki in Zürich), the blogger puts it on Instagram, a fashion designers see it, and feeling the zeitgeist, he copies it, and it becomes part of his new collection. About 3 months pass and then another cycle begins: Your sisters’ jacket is now a feature on the catwalk at the Milan Fashion Week, and the media have created a viral sensation out of it on Instagram and Twitter. Very quickly Zara and others copy it. Then one Saturday afternoon, as you are quietly walking down a street to Helvetia Platz, you notice something very strange; you have already seen 2 people that day, wearing a version of your sisters’ jacket! (That’s one part of fashion!)

But not all fashion designers want to design this way. There are others too, who have a consciousness and a deep caring for humanity and want to bring this to our attention. They are a “voice” for what is hidden, and what we choose to ignore, and they inform us through Fashion and the clothes we wear. “Spell my name” have understood the importance of how we cannot remove our past, and forget traditions, as these are deeply part of our society and who we are today. They tell their stories in cloth and stitches with their timeless versatile pieces.

Sketches for fashion collection

“Spell my name” have focused on sustainability and incorporate the tailoring and weaving traditions of the Uyghurs to create this modern approach in which we can remember the near-extinct culture of the Chinese Uyghurs. We wrap ourselves in the memory of their cloth and all the stories that it holds.

Videos will be made of the creative process that goes into some of these pieces from the “Spell my name” collection, showing hand-woven fabrics, hand-spun wools and crafted finishes. These videos will be embedded in the QR code in the label, enabling the buyer to scan the label with their phone and have a unique opportunity to see how her coat was made by the talented and committed people involved with it.

The company has also invested in the local economy in Ukraine providing fair and safe working conditions and creating the best manufacturers to provide FRAMIORE’s customers with great quality and timeless design.

The Uyghurs collection under the label – “Spell my name”- will be available in the early Spring. Here is more about the brands.