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«Plötzlich Heimweh» – a movie by yu hao

In cinemas starting 28 November 2019

Restless and successful: the young filmmaker Yu Hao is always on the move, reports on other cultures for Chinese television and travels around the world from Beijing. Until she falls in love in idyllic Appenzell. This journey questions the existing and opens up new perspectives: The Chinese woman decides to move to Switzerland for love.

Equipped with her camera, Yu Hao explores the foreign Appenzellerland. She gets to know people who live in harmony with nature, cultivate traditions and are rooted in their homeland. The encounters confront her with strong doubts, because the feeling of being at home in one place is alien to her. Can this change in Switzerland?

“Plötzlich Heimweh” tells of the ongoing search for identity and belonging. Yu Hao succeeds in interweaving her own migration history with an extraordinary portrait of Switzerland: she captures the peculiarities of Appenzell customs at close quarters and at the same time poses global questions of meaning. A dialogical examination that spans the arc from the Chinese megacity to the untouched Alpstein in strong images.

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