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I was lucky enough to snatch tickets of the sold-out Europe tour of the Higher Brothers and to witness Chinese hip hop take over Europe – a process that is ongoing for some time already in the US. Hip hop and trap are huge in China. Let me introduce you to some of the stars as well as the vivid underground scene.

88 rising, the label that pushes Asian hip hop forward, released a new all-star-album called “Head in the Clouds II” today. Featured are artists like Indonesian Rich Brian, Chinese Higher Brothers, and the Japanese-Australian Joji (among many more). Two sold-out world tours and a summer festival in L.A. was followed by the first European tour of the Higher Brothers.

A must and one of the big hits of the higher brothers is “Made in China”. The song was released in spring 2017 and was one of the big rap-along songs of the Higher Brothers’ first and second (!) US tour last year. If you haven’t heard of it yet, now you get the chance:

The lyrics speak a lot of truth:

闹钟把你叫醒 made in China
牙膏牙刷上面挤 made in China
把早餐放进陶瓷碗 made in China
搽唇膏出门打起伞 made in China
座到公司里 旋转办公椅
度 熟悉的印记
钢笔画了一朵莲花 cookin’ 需要放点盐巴
相框里面框住全家 全是 made in China
Chinese入侵 local口音

as well as the intro:

Rap music? China?
What are you even saying?
Is this Chinese rap music?
Sounds like they’re just saying ‘ching chang chong

The last paragraph doesn’t reflect the reception of their music at all. Just to emphasize how well received they are in the cradle of hip hop (the US), here a collab with Snoop Dogg, a song called “Friends and Foes”, which is the title track of “Wu Assassins” an August-release crime and mystery series on Netflix.

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