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Movie: So Long, My Son

On October 7th, the Chinese movie «So Long, My Son» by Xiaoshuai Wang will be in selected Swiss movie theatres. The epic movie, which spans over three decades was awarded one Silver Bear each for best actress (Yong Mei) and best actor (Wang Jingchun) at the Film Festival «Berlinale».

In the mid-1990s in northern China, Liyun and Yaojun’s son, a 12-year-old boy named Xingxing, drowned in a dam lake while playing with a friend. A few years earlier, her mother Liyun experienced another tragedy: pregnant for the second time, she underwent a forced abortion because the one-child policy. It was the couple’s best friend, responsible for family planning in the factory where everyone works, who lobbied to respect the law. Cruel irony, the couple is cited as an example and rewarded.

Broken by the disappearance of their son, Liyun and Yaojun moved, in an attempt to rebuild themselves, to a port in the south of the country where they opened a small mechanical workshop. They do not live there alone: they raise a surrogate adopted son, named like the deceased, who becomes a very revolted teenager and suddenly leaves home. The couple was once again deprived of children.

On the occasion of the wedding of the son of their former friends – the one who was with Xingxing at the time of the drowning – Liyun and Yaojun return to the unrecognizable North where friendship, resilience, free speech and a certain appeasement can work.

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  • Director: Wang Xiaoshua
  • Length: 180 Min.
  • Language: Mandarin/d/f

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