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Drinking Coffee the Chinese Way

A stroll through Shenzhen’s electronics market (Huaqiang North, 华强北) will make the most seasoned of shoppers weary at some point, given the sheer size and volume of the market. And so it came as no surprise to me that after half a day of strolling through the vast area and looking at every conceivable electronics gadget, I was in need of a coffee. What I had in mind was frothed milk and steamy espresso, the Italian kind. The kind I thought I would only find at Starbucks, which could be found here and there throughout Shenzhen. On the way to the nearest Starbucks, we passed another coffee shop, Luckin Coffee, and my Chinese friend suggested we try them. Little did I know what I was about to experience. 

Coffee shop from the future – Luckin Coffee

Luckin Coffee is China’s answer to Starbucks. Except – they do it on a massive scale. They are out to beat Starbucks and at the pace that they are going (they are opening two to three stores a day) it looks like they are quite successful. In the store, which serves excellent Italian roasts by the way, you can only pay with WeChat. If you don’t have WeChat pay, you won’t get any coffee. Luckily for me, my Chinese friend took care of that, and so my craving for good Italian roast got satisfied. 

Chinese and Italian baristas are discussing on an advertisement of Luckin Coffee

Similar to Starbucks, they make every conceivable combination of coffee – it eventually may look as if they might have copied the concept. But the coffee is superb (mine was a regular grande cappuccino), and some argue that is better than Starbucks. So, next time you are in China, and in need of a good dose of caffeine, try Luckin Coffee.

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