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Architecture and Art between Switzerland and China

The Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Architects and Artists (SCAA) was created two years ago by Sun Mulan, owner of SML Architektur ETH/SIA in Zurich ( and visiting professor of Tianjin University in China. The idea of SCAA came when she was teaching architecture at the ETH and started to organise events on Chinese architecture. She realised that a lot was known about traditional Chinese architecture but very little about contemporary architecture and its pivotal role in the harmony of the community. So, she decided to create the SCAA to bring awareness of the two main columns in designing contemporary cities today; architecture and art. 
It has been said that if we define our projects only in terms of results then we are missing the fact that the creative process is no less important than the results.

The fusion with art plays a strong role in today’s architecture, and artists are included from the very beginning of new projects. This is a tradition from the renaissance which is rapidly being revived today.

What SCAA is offering:

The SCAA offers events all over Switzerland. You can find them on the Zurich Chinatown Event Calendar.

A trip to China

In October, a fascinating guided trip to China is being planned, not only for architects but for anyone interest in both traditional and contemporary architecture as well as a visit to well known Chinese gardens. Contact the SCAA for more details:

Internship in China

SCAA is offering internships in architectural firms in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Internships can start at any time and are for a duration of 3 or 6 months. For more information:

Workshops for children and a library project

There are future workshops planned for children to make handicraft work on Chinese traditional gardens, and a library project, where one can share a private collection of books on Chinese art and architecture. The library is being developed and soon one will be able to have access to a wide variety of interesting subjects.

Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Architects and Artists
Architekten- und Künstlerkammer Schweiz-China

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