Wuzhen Water Town: Romantic Getaway

Wuzhen Water Town (乌镇, part of Tongxiang, located in the north of Zhejiang Province), also called the Venice of the East, is one of six ancient and preserved towns in the southern region of the Yangtze River. Wuzhen is divided into six districts, which are the traditional workshops district; the preserved traditional housing district; the traditional cultural district; the traditional food and beverage district; the traditional shops and stores district; and the water township customs and living districts. Its charmingly restored houses and canals make it a great tourist attraction and invite many visitors for a stroll along its cobble-stoned streets lined with shops selling arts and crafts. Since it is only located roughly an hour and a half outside of Shanghai, many couples from Shanghai come here for a romantic getaway weekend.

As it is an ancient preserved town, there are no major hotels anywhere within the city walls, which is actually a good thing. The best way to experience authentic Chinese hospitality and also the best way to spend a couple of nights in Wuzhen is by staying in a room provided by the local people living in the tiny houses along the canals. It is essentially a home stay where a local family invites you into their home and you get to sleep in their guest bedroom.

Breakfast at our home stay

Breakfast in the morning is then shared with the family in their living room. In our case, this was wonton soup and coffee, and it seemed like all of our family (dad, mother, grandmother, and the kids) were concerned about our well-being and made sure that we enjoyed our stay very much. They made it an unforgettable two days there, and I regretted once more that my lack of Chinese language skills prohibited me from a good conversation with our hosts.

Wuzhen provides a great and rare insight into life in ancient China. We were enchanted by it, and I would recommend a visit to anyone as it is so different from modern China. I am sure no visitor can escape its picturesque charm. Add it to your list of a must-see!

Wuzhen White Lotus Temple Tower 白莲塔寺
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