Even Odds – A Web Series about Young Creatives in Hong Kong

A Bachelor thesis from the ZHdK Department of Design, this mini web series gives you a glimpse into three lives in Hong Kong. All of them young, creative and bright. They tell us what goes through their minds, how they ended up deciding to pursue passion rather than money and what kind of mark they want to leave in Hong Kong. It was produced using video footage, analog photography and illustrations

Watch the trailer:

The director Stefani Ilic studied Cast / Audiovisual Media at the Zurich University of the Arts. As Zurich started to feel small and too familiar, she left for a semester of Advertising Design at The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. After returning to Switzerland the idea of ยซEven Oddsยป started manifesting in her head and lead to the creation of this web series.

Watch all the episodes of the mini web series:

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