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A Perfectionist at Work: Interview with TCM Practitioner Zhang Wenhua

Having spent quite some time in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Switzerland, I heard a lot about TCM practitioner Zhang Wenhua. So it was my honor to meet him in person for this interview in which he talks about his personal interest in Chinese Medicine, his clinic in Zurich, and TCM in Switzerland.

Mr Zhang Wenhua found his passion for Chinese medicine at an early age and has since never stopped deepening his knowledge. His work experience spans 37 years of which he spent almost 15 years in Switzerland. Before coming here, he was head of a TCM hospital which is the highest rank for a TCM practitioner in China. Along with his expertise, he also brought an extensive collection of books about TCM from China to Switzerland which is a real treasure trove for anybody studying TCM.

During his studies in the early 1980s, he also started practising Qigong – already before everybody else got affected with „Qigong Fever“ (which is a fascinating topic and I highly recommend the book Qigong Fever: Body, Science, and Utopia in China by David A. Palmer). Apart from practicing the classic sets of Qigong, he also taught himself Neidan Gong which is a special Taoist practice. This daily practice not only gives him the energy to get through his long working days but has also allowed him to wear short-sleeves all year round for the past eight years without feeling cold. You don’t believe it? Convince yourself and watch Mr Zhang do his practice in the snowy Swiss Alps:

Mr Zhang’s clinic is special in many ways. For one, when he opened his own clinic at Zurich Stadelhofen in 2010, he was still on a short-term work permit. Most other people would have been afraid to open a business without long-term residency, but not Mr. Zhang. Despite having to leave Switzerland for two years before he could re-apply for a visa, he kept his clinic running with the help of a relative. And finally, after passing his German B1 exam, he got a long-term residency permit.

Since opening the clinic, Mr Zhang has been constantly improving the treatment itself as well as the setup of his treatment rooms. He not only chooses the usual TCM equipment with great care such as several different kinds of cupping devices, or a wide array of different acupuncture needles. He also drew my attention to many details which subtly enhance his therapy. The flowers outside the window are giving it a natural, calming atmosphere. In every room there are special lights for light therapy and he even showed me his drawer with herbs and minerals he uses for additional aroma therapy. No wonder, then, that his clinic gets excellent reviews.

Zhang Wenhua TCM Stadelhofen image of treatment room
Treatment room in Mr Zhang’s clinic

As part of the TCM scene in Switzerland since 2004, Mr Zhang has witnessed the growth and greater acceptance of this healing method in Switzerland. In his opinion, the support of Chinese medicine through supplementary health insurance, as well as the general living conditions in Switzerland, offer very good conditions for practising and evolving TCM. He even considers Zurich to be more open to TCM than most places in China. As inventor of the Shenjiu method, he himself takes an active part in improving traditional methods.

To our readers, Mr Zhang recommends easy ways to incorporate a little Chinese medicine to your every day. This could be a simple addition like a TCM herbal tea. Or a short daily practice of a Qigong set like Ba Duan Jin (Eight Pieces of Brocade) or Yijin Jing to keep your body flexible and healthy.

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