QQ Bubble Tea – One of a Kind

We followed a tip of a reader to this little cute shop right across Oerlikon train station. QQ Bubble Tea exists for over two years but it is well hidden and closed during wintertime (yes, we prefer hot tea in winter, too).

My choice was a cherry red bubble tea with tapioca pearls not to be found on the menu but sweet and deliciously cold during this blazing hot summer day in Zurich. QQ Bubble Tea Shop has reasonable prices and I find it quite charming.

What is bubble tea?
Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan in the mid-1980s and became famous in Asia in the 1990s, and soon the popularity of Bubble Tea spread to the USA. The ingredients are green or black tea, mixed with milk or fruit syrup and then served cold. What makes this tea special are the coloured bubbles – mostly made of tapioca and with a liquid core. Drink with a straw!

QQ Bubble Tea | Hofwiesenstrasse 378, 8050 Zürich | http://www.qq-bubbletea.ch/ | Opening Hours Mo–Sa: 11.00 – 21.00, Closed during wintertime