Location transcending exhibition «Distance, restructured»

For the first time, the work of Hong Kong-based artist group Trilateral Lab is displayed in Europe.
The installation “Distance, restructured” examines the following questions: What is the structure of distance? How is distance perceived and reworked through artistic work?

“Distance, restructured” seeks to find a new and spacially interesting way to curate audial composition, visual choreography and give performance artists unusual source material to work on. Through this collaboration of the original artwork by the Hong Kong-based artists and the reperformance of Berlin-based artist Sergej Vutuc, the concept of sheer geographical distance, which results in cultural and sometimes artistic difference, will be rethought and restructured.

Trilateral Lab created a visual performance journey through three different locations in Hong Kong. All locations are connected because of the fact that they are soon to be demolished. The structure of these locations and the memories connected with them are transported into the exhibition space thanks to the choreography of the two actors Ting Kong Wong and Ka Kiu Ho.

This installation will be reperformed by Sergej Vutuc and live streamed back to Hong Kong. The artistic and geographic distance between Zurich and Hong Kong becomes therefore restructured.

The show, curated by Nicolas Buechi, opens on 16 May at the Oncurating Project Space with the performance by Sergej Vutuc.

Find more information on www.distance-restructured.com or by following @distance_restructured