NüVoices Podcast

As a podcast lover, I’m always eager to find podcasts from and about China. Today’s recommendation is NüVoices, an English-language podcast that centers women’s experience and knowledge in China.

NüVoices podcast (Nü meaning „female“ and also sounding similar to „new“) was started almost a year ago. Since then, the hosts Alice Xin Liu and Joanna Chiu have talked with their guests about a range of topics as diverse as Sci-Fi, Beijings ‘zine scene and queer culture. The podcast is part of SupChina media company, whose most well-known product is Sinica Podcast (which you might want to listen to if you prefer a more academic, mansplaining approach).

Apart from the podcast, NüVoices is also more generally a media outlet, and it’s their mission „to amplify women’s voices on China.“ On their website nuvoices.com, you will find „NüStories“ on different topics. They also strive to publish an anthology with pieces from female and non-binary authors about China. And lastly, they work on active community-building through their chapters in different parts of China as well as the US and Europe.

You can find episodes on SupChina’s website, or on the audio app of your choice.