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Secrets of Chinese Cooking – Wang Gang 美食作家王刚

Even if you don’t speak Chinese, you should still have a look at Wang Gang’s Youtube videos in which he prepares mouth-watering Chinese food.

If you’ve ever struggled to prepare a Chinese dish, chances are that Wang Gang has a video explaining it. His videos are no frills and his speed is staggering. Even if you don’t understand anything he says, you will be amazed at all the skills that go into a dish that is pan-fried within less than a minute. However, if you do understand his instructions, you’ll get a lot of technical tips, such as how to pick your ingredients, how to cut evenly and when to add spices and sauces.

Wang Gang recently started an international channel and now, some of his videos are also available in English. However the selection is rather limited as of yet.

Not convinced? Then watch this video and learn how to make the most classic of all Chinese dishes: Fried Tomato and Egg: