Collecting Good Luck – Next Stop Nirvana

You have only a couple of days left to find your luck and maybe the way to Nirvana – the exhibition from Museum Rietberg about the approaches to Buddhism continues until 31 March.

The exhibition «Collecting Good Luck – Next Stop Nirvana» illuminates the rituals, teachings, values, stories and legends of Buddhism and its dissemination through 2500 years of art and culture. It covers eight thematic areas, including the life of Buddha, his teachings, the teaching of Buddhism, Buddhist communities and ritual practices.

In the museum, the have around 100 sculptures, paintings and written works from all Asian countries on display, including richly decorated figures by Bodhisattvas from China.

You can embark on a true discovery tour towards Buddhism. Visitors can reflect on puzzles from Zen Buddhism, fold a lotus flower from paper or collect a personal collection of luck at several stamping stations in the exhibition.

The exhibition offers a broad approach to Buddhism and its many forms. It suggests that there is no such thing as THE Buddhism. The many forms of Buddhism are in fact influenced by the countries of origin, their people and the time in which they live in.

Umbrella art at the entrance of the museum

«Next Stop Nirvana – Approaches to the Buddhism» is still on display until 31 March in the Rietberg Museum.

Museum Rietberg | Gablerstrasse 15, 8002 Zurich |