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Improvised Dumpling Making

From January to March 2019 «The Residency» at Grossmünsterplatz offers Zurich artists space for their work. This past Sunday, as part of the «Mélangerie» event series, the art of making dumplings was mixed with doing improvisational theatre.

The invitation was bold and didn’t tell the participants much about what was going to happen that night in Zurich’s old town:

Dumpling Streik!
Hungrige Sinologin?
„In Folie auslegen“
Die Uteruserfahrung als Impro…

This mix offered much more than just making dumplings and learning improv. It began with a trip through the body that let the participants experience how a dumpling would feel. The comforting feeling of being kneaded and the agonizing fear shortly before being thrown into the boiling water!

However – No work, no dumpling feast. And so, after a restorative Chinese Schnaps (白酒), everyone started rolling out and folding dumplings. We did not count, but we certainly produced a lot of dumplings in a short amount of time.

For some it was the first time they ate dumplings, for others it was the debut to do a improv theatre. And it was certainly the first time for all participants that they could put themselves in the position of a dumpling. #Leckaaaa indeed!

«The Residency» is still open till the end of March. Don’t miss the closing event on 30 March. Find out more on their Facebook Page:

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