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Book Recommendation: «Die Chinesische Tempelküche» by Martina Hasse

The Chinese vegetarian temple cuisine has a long tradition but is still relatively unknown to us in the West. The author Martina Hasse introduces the tradition in the book “Die Chinesische Tempelküche”. She visits the famous ancient monasteries in Sichuan and cooks over 100 recipes with the monks on site.

Chinese vegetarian cuisine uses its dishes to detoxify and purify, to maintain health and as anti-aging agents. But whatever the reason to skip on meat and go full-on vegetarian, the dishes in the book are delicious and wonderfully presented. What I found most challenging for us readers here in Zurich, was finding the best vegetarian products, such as vegetarian chicken meat or tofu skin. Fresh and high-quality products are not readily available in Switzerland.
Really good products can be found at the Hiltl Vegi Metzg, and they also get increasingly available in the large grocery stores of Coop and Migros.

The home-cooked vegetarian dishes don’t measure up to the dishes in the Buddhist restaurants in China – nevertheless it is very exciting to cook them.

Try to cook one of the most famous Chinese Buddhist recipes: Buddha’s Delight (罗汉菜). Just follow the instructions in the video below.

Hasse, Martina (2010). «Die Chinesische Tempelküche». AT Verlag.

Buy the book at Paranoia City Buch & Wein.

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