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Bund 39 – A taste of Shanghai

BUND 39 is a new Chinese restaurant in Zürich, that just opened at 39 Bäckerstrasse. The name Bund is taken from the Waitan which is the waterfront area in central Shanghai. The owner Jasmin and her two partners come from this area and have brought the taste of the Bund to Zurich, in a warm discrete ambiance with carefully selected furniture and soft yellow walls. 

When she first came to Zurich some years ago, Jasmin was in a dilemma, because she could not find the Shanghai food that she loved, nor could she cook, not even rice! This forced her to learn to cook the Shanghai way, and very soon, her family praised her, friends wanted her to cook for them, and everyone loved her food. Jasmin introduces two concepts in her menu:
The first are tastes that evoke her personal memories of the Shanghai of her childhood, the dishes she ate before going to school, what she had for lunch, at birthday parties of friends, and her grandmother’s food.
The other is the classic Shanghainese food with a contemporary twist, like the “melt-in-the-mouth” Siedfleischtender and tasty served in a broth created from 6 vegetables, overlaid with crunchy lightly fried green peppercorns, splashes of colorful seasonal vegetables and a sprinkling of roasted Shanghai spices that enhance the flavors of the dish. Another is the Sea Bass, a fusion of flavors from Shanghai and the Sichuan province. Jasmin has added her own touch with fine strips of organic orange peel, crunchy green celery, lightly fried red chilies and spices to give the dish the Bund 39 identity. 

The Guo tie are pockets of richly flavored tender chopped pork with a crispy bite, which one dips into lightly spiced clear golden sauce.  Not to be missed, is the cucumber “salad” of finely sliced cucumbers, marinated in a mild, slightly sweet rice vinegar and retaining their crunchy flavor. 
Xiao Wanton is a memory from Jasmin’s childhood when she went to her grandmother over the weekend, and one of the men in the family would be chopping the vegetables and meat with large knives until they were very delicate. The sound of the neighbors’ chopping and banging heralded a celebration or a special visit. 
The Da Wanton are made with meat or meat and vegetables, in a chicken broth, with fine strips of noodle-like cooked yellow egg, dark green sea weed, seasonal vegetables and fresh lively green coriander, all rounded in delicate spices. 

There are many vegetarians and vegans in Zurich and Bund39 has a feast for them to choose from. All the vegetables are fresh and the ingredients are of the finest quality. Xiao Longbao is served in a bamboo steaming basket with a delicious home-made sauce that brings out a whole range of flavors. They are made from five different vegetables bringing a strong flavor to the palate. All the noodles on the menu are handmade from selected rice flour and have no added ingredients or chemicals. You will not find these special, tasty noodles, anywhere else in Switzerland. Another taste sensation is the BBQ pork, which is finely sliced, tender pork with a hint of the Bund39 secret sauce, served with fine homemade noodles in a dark sauce. The lightness of the noodles with succulent pork, make it a rich tasty dish.In the Chinese cuisine a typical pork dish is the famous grilled porkfrom Hong Kong, but in Shanghai and at Bund39, they prepare it in a special way in a wok.

Whatever Jasmin does, she does with passion. It is not only noticeable in the food she cooks but also in the selection of the design of the serving bowls in which she presents the food, and the warm friendly atmosphere. She plans to invite guest chefs, well-known chefs from Shanghai, who will add to the variety and tastes that the restaurant offers. 

Discover this little jewel in Kreis 4. The tastes of Shanghai in Zürich. 

Sea bass

Cucumber in rice vinegar

Bäckerstrasse 39
8004 Zürich


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