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How to Cover a Chinese Song

Dominic contacted us as he has always been fascinated by China. The Chinese characters and food attracted him strongly – but nevertheless, China seemed very far away. Then, two years ago, he wanted to finally find out: Is the Chinese language truly that hard (or almost impossible) to learn? He took an online Mandarin class and discovered that it is actually quite manageable.

Dominic was born into a family of musicians. Ever since he was eleven, he has been making music. He plays in the band “Silent Chords”, which is composed of him and his other family members.

Last year in spring Dominic had the idea to combine his interest in China with his love for music: he dared to cover a Chinese song.
His cover of the popular Chinese song Mr. Lonely (寂寞先生) by Gary Chaw (曹格) is inspired by the live performance of Jess Lee (李佳薇).

Last October Dominic released his debut album. His ambition carries him even further: his first trip to China is scheduled for April this year and he plans to translate one of his songs into Chinese. We are looking forward to hearing more about his encounters with the Chinese culture.

You can find Dominic on Instagram (@domuniqmusic) and listen to his music on Spotify.