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Shopping for Chinese Items in Zurich

You don’t have to Alibaba or Taobao to do your Christmas shopping for Chinese items. Here in Zurich Chinatown, we have plenty of wonderful shops, where you can find beautiful Chinese gifts.

QUEEN T TEA SHOP – Your source for Chinese tea and everything around it. Oolong, Pu Erh, White, Green or Black Tea – you name it. All selected through close relationships with the producers, Queen T makes sure that there is no funny stuff in your daily tea. And if you fancy cute teaware, don’t look any further. Queen T has a very special selection at hand. Online shop only at

PARANOIA CITY BOOKSTORE – It is our favourite bookstore in the neighbourhood because of their impressive selection of China-themed books. The owner is a sinologist and regularly organises readings with Chinese authors. We happily remember the wonderful event with Xiaolu Guo when she read from the memoir «Once upon a time in China». Ankerstrasse 12, 8004 Zurich |

LAUKUAN SILK HOUSE – Maybe the ultimate place to buy your last minute Christmas present. Who wouldn’t be happy with an original Chinese silk scarf, a pashmina hat, a silk kimono or some pearl earrings? Of course, they also sell the traditional Chinese Qipao in every colour and pattern.
Hornbachstrasse 56, 8008 Zurich |

NEW ASIA MARKET – At NAM, you can find a variety of things that make good presents. A golden piggy in preparation for the Chinese year of the pig 2019 or some delicious packed or dried food. There is also a decent selection of cookware. Just wrap your gift up in some nice rice paper – done!
Feldstrasse 24, 8004 Zurich |

CHINESE RESTAURANTS – The best gift in these busy times is simply to spend time together. So why don’t you invite your friends and family for dinner at one of the Chinese Restaurants on our map? For example to our newest discovery «Lotus Garden»?
All the authentic Chinese restaurants in Zurich can be found on our Map.