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The Great Chinese New Year’s Concert at KKL Lucerne

“The Great Chinese New Year’s Concert” looks back on more than 150 guest performances on 3 continents in over 70 concert halls.

Each year a different orchestra is invited to perform. The annual election of the orchestra by an expert board guarantees the transmission of the great variety of Chinese music.

2019, on the occasion of the year of the pig, the audience can enjoy the refined and ancient music tradition of the province of Jiangsu, performed by the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra.

The orchestra was founded in 2017 with the support of the Suzhou city government and the regional economy. The result is a first-class, non-profit orchestra, which is primarily intended to continue the musical tradition of Southern China. The renowned conductor Pang Kapang, who has conducted the Wiener Musikverein 13 times, has been appointed Artistic Director and Chief Conductor.

The orchestra currently employs over 90 musicians. The ensemble consists of experienced musicians of national and international repute, as well as top graduates from conservatories.

All ready for the 2018 season, some of China’s most famous composers were won over to create commissioned compositions for the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra. In addition to the new compositions, the repertoire consists of a series of classics, adaptations of traditional pieces, pieces with national and traditional styles, as well as works with eastern and western motifs. Part of the ensemble that will play in Lucerne is the Taiwan violin cellist Kang Qiaoxuan and the erhu player Zhu Changyao.

Kang is known for her versatility and her musical ability. She is convinced that artistic approaches and musical insights can only be achieved through careful consideration of one’s own culture. Playing music in traditional Chinese orchestras enriches her art, and helps her to develop a versatile musical personality.

Zhu Changyao is a legendary erhu player and one of China’s outstanding musicians. His captivating performance reaffirms his reputation as a world-class virtuoso.

The “Great Chinese New Year’s Concert” is organised by Obrasso Concerts in the KKL Lucerne. As an exclusive partner, we are happy to offer two times two tickets in our Christmas lucky draw.

The contest is closed and the winners will be notified soon.


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