The World is Moving, and We are Moving with It!

And in the mid time, the beginning and the end, time is also moving non-stop forward, as the technology that we have invented in the past 20th century to bring humanity closer and being able to celebrate through dance the joy of this moment. And what a moment to celebrate!

On October 25th 2018, celebrating the Digital Day, Zurich and Hong Kong will dance simultaneously two choreographies in two completely separated places of the world.

These two cities will have the privilege to share the artistic experience of performing together (but not really together) the multi-discipline project called «Z Twin Tech Lab». The project is a collaboration between the Zurich University of the Arts (ZhDK) and the Hong Kong-based international experimental theatre company Zuni Icosahedron, who wanted to create a virtual dialogue between their cultures by augmenting the physical presence of the performers (using MoCaping Technology) with a virtual representation of themselves that blends the tracked movements with virtual costumes created by the German designer Tobias Gremmler.

The designs of this virtual costumes were inspired by specific cultural characteristics of East and West. Thus, the East is represented through the soft and flexible form of a fabric while the West is represented in a constructed geometrical form of a human body.

Guided by the Swiss choreographer and artist Denise Lampart, three dancers will perform her creation named «Hidden Formula» in the Konzertsaal 1 of the ZhDk at 11:30 am with public and again at 12:30 pm with a broadcasting in the Hauptbahnhof (Zurich main station) while in Hong Kong, guided by the artistic directors Danny Jung and Mathias Woo, three dancers will also perform their creation called «Heavenly Palace» in the Hong Kong Cultural Center at 6:30 pm in their own time zone.

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Written by

Vida Peña

«I’ve been interested in any form of art as long as I can remember. Painting, writing, acting, singing, dancing. They all give to my life a purpose behind the normal existence. But I won’t lie, I’m a wild spirit who simply want to share his energy with the world. And that’s why I’m dancing now and I will dance until my last breath. Like dancing, I also fond very much acting, painting and writing, the sacred gift of creating pictures with words. And with that in mind, I’m grateful of being inside of your mind while you’re reading this and I just want to say: Thank you. See you in the next article!»