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Dead Pigs – Film Review

Dead Pigs ZFF Review

Using as a backdrop the incident in 2013, when thousands of dead pigs were found floating in Huangpu River in Shanghai, director Cathy Yan (Yan Yuqian) unfolds the story of five characters each fighting their own battle. It becomes more and more apparent that not only the characters but also their battles are deeply connected and what seems to be a solution will soon be the next problem.

While tackling with serious social issues such as destructive urban development, greed, and family ties that turn toxic, the tone is never somber and the quirky characters will make the more than two hours pass by quickly. While probably not really aimed for Mainland audiences, it gives a vibrant portrait of urban China which inevitably will also include a laowai being a professional wanna-be.

The film is shown as part of the Zurich Film Festival. Dates are as follows:

Sat. 29. Sep. 18:00 Arena 7
Mon. 01. Oct. 17:45 Arena 3
Thu. 04. Oct. 18:00 Riffraff 1
Sat. 06. Oct. 11:30 Riffraff 1