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Hongxi – Contemporary Chinese Cuisine

 – With globalization, more and more people are getting to know other cultures around the globe. Not only have they broadened their horizons, they are also longing for more exciting culinary experiences. –

Hey guys, your favorite foodie is back in town! I had a long absence because of having to serve in the Swiss Army and now I’m finally done (almost). After 10 months of absence, a silent revolution took place here in Zurich. Only recently I became aware of the multitude of new Chinese restaurants in my favourite city! One of the is HONGXI which I will introduce to you today. This restaurant is relatively new and they specialized in dim sum – Steamed buns and dumplings from Southern China. But this is not all – they offer a variety of authentic Chinese dishes.

Always start with Dim Sum


How to describe dim sum? Just as people in the West can’t live without bread, people in southern China can’t live without their daily morning tea. Whilst the Chinese drink their tea, they like to devour these little flavour bombs packed in steamed rolls. You can literally stuff anything you want into a roll and turn it into a dim sum. HONGXI offers very authentic dim sums, from traditional shrimp or sweet fried pork to modern, contemporary, fried or innovatively prepared dim sum.


In contrast to other Chinese restaurants here in Zurich, HONGXI’s dim sum are freshly prepared by experienced dim sum chefs from Hong Kong. Advanced gourmets can tell the quality of the dish by its taste and consistency alone. HONGXI’s dim sum are great in taste, but their price I find questionable. The idea of dim sum is to have high quality and delicious small dishes that don’t cost too much. The dim sum in HONGXI are however extremely expensive – Not that I blame them, because Zurich has its price.

Something for the Lover of authentic Chinese Food


As I have already mentioned, HONGXI offers not only dim sum, but also various other Chinese dishes that you don’t find too often in Switzerland. For example stewed pork belly Dong’Po style. To prepare it, they stew the pork belly in their secret sauce for several hours, so that the pork belly reaches a level where you can simply tear the meat apart with their chopsticks. I was really surprised that HONGXI was able to serve me the dish in this quality. The slight sweetness of the pork belly, the softness achieved by braising, and the balance of fat and lean meat…a true explosion of taste as it literally melted in my mouth…something to recommend in any case.

Nose to Tail


The amazing thing about Chinese cuisine is that every part of an animal can be cooked and eaten. The beef tendon, for example, as we can see in the photo, is a true delicacy of Chinese gastronomy. Slowly steamed with vegetables in a clay pot, the beef tendon reaches a stage where the outside is almost crispy due to the clay pot and the inside is tender and tasty.

A Cantonese Classic


The sliced fillet of beef with black pepper sauce is something that all of you would like to eat. The black pepper sauce is the product of a mixture of eastern and western cuisine and is mainly used in Cantonese cuisine. By tenderizing the fillet of beef and later wok-coating it with black pepper sauce, it’s really an adventure of aroma that you will want to eat again and again.

Contemporary Chinese cuisine sounds fancy, but what does it really mean? Some would say it means cooking Chinese food in line with today’s trend, others would say it’s all about the atmosphere. HONGXI answered me both ways. In HONGXI you have the opportunity to share tables with other guests. This concept encourages the guest to enter into conversation with each other. I myself made new friends there by simply starting small conversations with our neighbours! So I was there, enjoying delicious dishes prepared by experienced chefs and having interesting conversations with other people. That is what the contemporary means to me.

So go try the HONGXI if you haven’t already – maybe we will sit at the same table!

Adresse: Zwinglistrasse 3, 8004 Zürich,

Opening hours:    Monday: Closed ¦ Tuesday – Saturday: 11:30-14:00, 17:30-22:00 ¦ Sunday: Closed