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Die Reise in den Westen – Book by Eva Lüdi Kong

China’s most popular novel is now available translated to German. As we reported in March, the translator Eva Lüdi Kong received the Leipzig Book Fair Prize for this impressive translation.

The journey to the west (Xiyouji) is one of four classical Chinese novels. It tells the tale of four pilgrims, who make their way to the west in order to pay their respect to Buddha and to fetch the sacred writings. The party consists of the devotional priest Tripitaka and his companion, the Monkey King Sun Wukong, Boar Bajie and the horrible looking Sand Monk.

Everybody in China and even in the surrounding countries knows the story of the four pilgrims as it has found its way into modern pop culture: various movies and TV series have been produced based on the novel.

So why not spend the summer reading this Chinese classic, which will teach you a lot about Chinese culture and mythology. Get the book at Paranoia City or online.

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