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«Once upon a time in the East: A story of growing up» by Xiaolu Guo

“I was born an orphan. Not because my parents had died, no, they were both still very much alive. Rather, they gave me away.” Xiaolu Guo meets her parents for the first time when she is six. When she is born, they give her to a childless peasant couple that only keep her for two years. She spends her early childhood with her grandparents in a small fisher village on the East China Sea.

In «Once upon a time in the East», Xiaolu Guo tells her story from growing up in the remote Chinese village to becoming a successful writer and filmmaker. She remembers the hunger experienced as a child, the empowerment felt when she entered the film school in Beijing and how it feels to leave your native country for a new home. For over a decade now, Xiaolu Guo lives and works in London.

Described as the «Wild Swans» for a new generation, Xiaolu Guo’s memoir «Once upon a time in the East» is a fascinating insight into the life of a Chinese artist. Get the book at Paranoia City or online.